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Hospital Affiliations and Surgical Centers

Both Dr. Marc Edelstein and Dr. Susan Edelstein have full attending and admitting privileges at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Cedars-Sinai is consistently rated one of America’s best hospitals, and it ranks #10 in the United States for the treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders (US News and World Report’s 2009 Best Hospital Rankings).

Our physicians also have active privileges at a number of outstanding, fully credentialed, surgical centers for outpatient procedures:

  • Robertson Surgical Center (RSC)
  • Cedars-Sinai Outpatient Surgical Center

Robertson Surgical Center

Dr. Marc Edelstein is the founder, Managing Director, and Medical Director of Robertson Surgical Center, a state-of the-art endoscopy center designed to provide you with the highest possible level of care from your preprocedure preparation through your recovery. Our team of highly trained and compassionate medical staff will make sure you’re comfortable and well informed every step of the way.

Robertson Surgical Center is credentialed by AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) and certified by Medicare. AAAHC certification requires demonstrated commitment to providing high-quality health care by meeting or exceeding the Accreditation Association's meticulous standards. At Robertson Surgical Center we are continuously working to improve and enhance every aspect of our facility.


Robertson Surgical Center at a Glance

  • State-of-the-art facility
  • Commitment to excellence
  • American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy certified
  • Credentialed by AAAHC and certified by Medicare
  • Comfortable environment with caring staff
  • Physicians, nurses, and technicians go through a rigorous credentialing process prior to being allowed to take care of patients
  • Staff are all highly trained and have years of experience taking care of patients
  • Convenient location on the first floor of Beverly Hills Medical Plaza

For questions regarding scheduling, insurance, and billing options, please call Robertson Surgical Center at 310.659.2400.


News Update

Robertson Surgical Center recently received a three-year accreditation by AAAHC, the highest possible accreditation awarded to surgical centers. Status as an accredited organization means RSC has met nationally recognized standards for the provision of quality health care. Ambulatory health care organizations seeking accreditation by AAAHC undergo an extensive self-assessment and on-site survey by the Accreditation Association’s expert surveyors. The survey is consultative and educational, presenting examples of best practices to help an organization improve its care and services.

“Going through the process challenged us to find better ways to serve our patients, and it is a constant reminder that our first responsibility is to our patients and the quality of care we provide.”                                                         Dr. Marc Edelstein (Medical Director of RSC)

Gastrointestinal disorders can be caused by or exacerbated by factors such as diet, stress, lifestyle, and genetics. After diagnosing your condition, we will help you understand the possible causes of your problems and educate you about nutrition and lifestyle changes that can help you feel better and remain healthy. We also provide genetic testing when applicable for patients and their family members.…Read more

We are continually strengthening our educational resources for patients and their families, as part of our strong commitment to our patient's health.…Read more

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